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13 Marzo 2023

Chatbot use cases: 25 real-life examples

AI for Fieldwork: ChatGPT vs Bard

educational chatbot examples

For lead generation, the primary method customers offer companies is a lead generation form. While this is a good option, the chance of converting your customers with a lead generation form is between 2.5% to 5%. While this is a respectable conversion rate, businesses should also apply the ‘second net’ strategy, which is effective for those website visitors who do not convert with landing pages and forms. Many companies today invest a lot in sales teams to find and convert leads. Their goal is to contact cold prospects and get them interested in the company’s products and services. By the way, HOAS customer service chatbot is a great example of how a bot can increase customer satisfaction score and help to build a stronger brand as well!

Teachers could also use the website to report good behaviour and performance. Back in the day (if the day is in June 2000) the BBC reported that Bromcom Computers had launched a secure website called The site allowed parents to access information on their children’s attendance and performance at school. The information was collected from teachers using Bromcom’s e-School product, which had been introduced in 1993. The e-School product used short-range radio to put information into the school’s administration computer. The website had password-protected logins, which could be set at different levels of confidentiality.

Cloud security needs a new playbook, and it starts with Wiz

One effective method (both in terms of cost and results) for any business to improve their customer service game is by using chatbots. Recently, chatbots have been applied in many different aspects of business and have had many proven records of success. The essence of the educational chatbot examples Socratic method is a thought-provoking dialogue between teachers and their students, consisting of exchanging open-ended questions about a particular topic. It encourages learners to actively engage with the new material, developing critical thinking and reasoning skills.

In conversation with ChatGPT – Law Society Journal

In conversation with ChatGPT.

Posted: Thu, 27 Jul 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

That’s because a chatbot can not only use text but also bring images, videos, and GIFs into conversations, enabling it to show customers how a company’s product/service works. By deploying a chatbot on your website and its apps, a business can try engaging its customers in a conversation by asking them multiple questions. Because of the conversational nature of the chatbot, many visitors will participate, if only out of curiosity. In the end, the chatbot can request, and store the email of the participating visitor. The ideal strategy instead is to show customers an upsell/down-sell offer when they are the most engaged with a company’s products and services. For this reason, there are many tools and strategies a company can use to generate product recommendations.

Guidance for Generative AI in education and research

Within seconds, they can search through a database for information they need and make it available to the user. This saves the user a lot of time and nerves when searching for information and provides a stress-free shopping experience. And if there should be a question that your chatbot cannot answer, there is still the possibility that the users can be forwarded to a human employee.

educational chatbot examples

What is the best language for chatbot?

  • Python. This is one of the most widely used programming languages in programming an AI chatbot.
  • Java. Java is a general-purpose, object-oriented language, making it perfect for programming an AI chatbot.
  • Ruby.
  • C++
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